06 – 07 MAY 2021



Welcome to the Press & Media registration area for EADV Spring Symposium 2021!

If you work for a medical professional media outlet or are a healthcare media representative, EADV welcomes you to register for our 2021 Spring Symposium! 

For the first time, this unique Symposium traditionally reserved for healthcare professionals will be opening its doors to the media, bringing you the latest science and innovation in Dermatology and Venereology.

Our 2-day Scientific Programme is bursting with the latest research, new findings and exciting scientific breakthroughs. We will give you the opportunity to connect with world-leading experts in Dermato-Venereology on the most important and essential topics via stimulating sessions and one-to-one interviews.

This interactive virtual Symposium gives media free access to:

  • The EADV Burden of Skin Disease Survey 2021: first results on the burden of skin cancer from the 4 pilot countries: UK, Spain, Germany and Romania 
  • A Scientific Programme with over 100 renowned speakers, 30 hours of sessions, and 3 keynote lectures 
  • EADV’s press briefing; an opportunity to hear it first from the presenters of some of the most exciting abstracts at the Symposium 
  • All press information and industry profiles
  • Interviews with world-leading experts 
  • Exclusive content, the latest updates and late-breaking science 
  • All scientific content until 31 July 2021

You can check out the full Scientific Programme here.

To register:

To complete your registration, please send the below materials to the EADV Press Office via EADVmedia@saycomms.co.uk:

  • A valid press card or an appropriate letter of assignment 
  • Two recent published articles with your by-line on the article (dermatology or venereology-related, or referring to a previous EADV event)
  • A signed copy of the EADV Media and Embargo Policy 
  • This completed EADV press and media representatives Registration Form

The entire registration package, including all additional requested documentation, must be completed and submitted to the EADV Press Office who will review your application prior to submission to the EADV registration team for processing.

Please note that access to the EADV Spring Symposium is for members of the medical and professional media, however relevant representatives of consumer media who require access will also be considered on a case by case basis.

Registration Form

EADV Media
and Embargo Policy

EADV Press Office

For any media enquiries please email the EADV Press Office at SAY Communications on EADVmedia@saycomms.co.uk who will be able to assist with your request.

We look forward to welcoming you at this year’s Symposium!