06 – 07 MAY 2021



General Information

  • A Group Registration is possible for groups with 10+ participants.
    Groups with less than 10 participants have to process a Third-Party registration
  • In order to be valid, a Group Registration needs to meet the following conditions before the relevant deadline
      • Congress tickets are paid in full by the relevant deadline
      • The attendees list is duly filled out online with all participants’ names (blank registrations are not allowed)
      • Each attendee in the list is assigned a ticket

    Registrations not adhering to these rules will not be considered as valid.

    • The Group Leader contact email address cannot be changed during the registration period

Participants Mandatory Information Required

Before starting a Group Registration, make sure you have collected all the below listed mandatory details for each one of your participants, since no blank registrations are allowed:


    The active email address (business or private) of each delegate is mandatory.
    The EADV will not provide any document to your delegates directly: invoices, vouchers, etc. can be managed by the Group Leader only.@EADV Members: please make sure that you have been given the email address connected to the EADV membership account: the online registration system can recognise an EADV member only by this information.
  • PARTICIPANT COMPANY (they work for)
  • PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION CATEGORY (explanation available here)
  • PARTICIPANT STATUS AS Healthcare Professional (HCP) or Non-Healthcare Professional (NON-HCP) (explanation available here)

Name Changes

Name Change policy available here.

How registered participants can access the Virtual Spring Symposium

Starting from Thursday, 6 May 2021, all attendees can join the EADV Spring Symposium visiting the event’s homepage where they will find a hyperlink to the virtual platform. 

To sign in, the below personal credentials are needed:

  • Personal EMAIL ADDRESS: 
    The participant’s email address used during the registration process is mandatory.
  • Personal PASSWORD:
    The personal password is NOT provided during the online registration process. Participants who already attended the EADV Virtual Congress 2020 can login using the same password, no further actions are needed.
    • Each attendee must set the password before the Virtual Spring Symposium starts.
    • To set the password, they should use the Forgot Password option, available on the online registration system homepage: https://eadvprofile.m-anage.com/eadv/eadvsymposium2021 
    • The day the Spring Symposium starts, they can access to the event using the above credentials.

Quick Access to “Set your Password”

Group Leaders are entitled to send an Invitation email to their attendees directly through the online registration system.

This email includes a “quick access link” to create a new password.


After the event, participants will be able to download their certificates based on their level of engagement.


Additional information here


IMPORTANT: Attendees are the only entity/person entitled to download their personal documents.

Certificate of attendance, CME-CPD certificate and e-Poster certificate are not available for Group Leaders and Third Parties.